Do you have a story to tell? Send your registered script or synopsis to us with your business proposal. We are committed to pioneering new business models, and in creating strategies to adapt to audience needs and changing viewing habits. After all, we have the expertise, facilities and technology to fulfill your vision.

The company offers co-production joint ventures in feature films and Regional-language film productions worldwide. Once you have sent us your registered script and business proposal, our team will analyse your project. After your project is approved, company can associate as a producer or a co-producer for your film depending on the scale of the project. We strive to make every experience of yours memorable and extraordinary.


“ Selling your film without selling your soul”

Corridor 6 films distribution division is establishing a global infrastructure that includes new output deals with leading distribution partners. The increased focus on international and Domestic theatrical distribution and sales, coupled with growth in major Film festival markets like AFM and EFM has boosted Independent film distribution globally over the last few years. We have good collaborations in digital platforms as well.


Key part of a film’s success is how well it has been marketed. People would not know a film exists without marketing. When a film goes into production, it needs to be advertised like any other product and get audience excited to go see it.

We have a very creative and experienced digital Strategist & PR team to create a persona of your ideal audience, analyze their interests and then market to them.

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We offer state

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Corridor 6 Films, a Mumbai based entertainment company, has unveiled the official logo for the company on Mother’s day 2015.The official logo was launched by Shajikumar Devakar, the director of Barclays Wealth Management in Mumbai today. “In itself, the logo shows the company’s international potential and quality,” said

Shajikumar Devakar ( Director of Barclays )

I can see an International quality  in Corridor 6 Film’s  works.

Sohan Roy ( Producer- Aries )

“Very innovative team from India”

Max Weissberg ( Paramount Network )